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A selection of our favorite animated gifs we have collected over the years and are posted here for your enjoyment. Direct linking/hot linking is disabled. You must download the images to your own computer and then upload them to your own webhost.

Jeweled bar. 26.3K
Colorful bar. 5.9K
Large purple rose WELCOME (static). 22.5K
Scrolling Welcome To My Homepage. 10K
Send mail button. 1.13K
Jukebox. 13K
Music bar. 37K
Music button. 10.4K
Apple beats PC. 32K
Apple computer logo. 10.1K
Kilroy bar. 6.8K
Floral animated WELCOME banner. 8K
Welcome. 14K
Welcome. 23K
Guestbook icon. 10K
Guestbook icon. 3K
Icon. Says NEW. 2K
NEW sign. 3K
Internet Explorer browser button. 15K
Bullet. 1K
Blue bar. 8K
Yellow/orange line. 9K
Link sign in chains. 6K
Cool Links sign. 4K
Link icon. 6K
Open 24 Hours sign. 9K
Flashing sign in bright colors says NEWSFLASH. 2K
Click here now sign. 3K
New icon. 9K
Finger pointing. 3K
Crazy hit counter. 3.5K
Enter icon. 4K
Music icon. Ear with notes. 4K
A music icon. Headphones. 2K
Click here (blue sign). 18K
Sign says to Bookmark. 14K
Boss alert sign. 3K
Small grinning icon. (not animated) 1K
Small icon of man with lampshade. (not animated) 1K

Small flying angel. 6.7K
Fairy (static). 19.3K
Tiny angel. 1.75K
Baby angel with balloons. 5K
Angel on Carosel Horse. 5K
Two angels. 5K
3 Fairies. 10K
Fairy woman. 8K
Medium size angel. 65K
Tiny little angel. 2K
Angel with harp on black background. 2K
Fairy. 26K
Angel winking. 5K
Fairy appears and disappears. 12K

Tulips bloom. 6.7K
Neon desert cactus. 10K
Tumbleweed and cactus. 12K
Cactus plant looks around. 13.7K
Friendship rose ring. 15K
Small blooming red rose. 4K
Small blooming white rose. 4K
Small blooming yellow rose. 4K
Blue shimmering flower. 4K
Red rose blooming. 13K
Flower and butterfly on black background. 10K
Flower bouquet. 15K
Red mushrooms. 5K
Chili pepper. 35K

Kenny's stitches unravel. 39K
Kenny blows off hand. 15K
Kenny gets the sword. 17K
Kenny gets White-Out. 10K
Cart in love. 24K
Cart says CHEESY POOF. 13K
Kyle. 5K
Stan pukes. 15K
Death grab game with Kenny. 14K
Wendy. 16K
Southpark cat. 8K
Southpark theme. Under construction sign. 5K
Southpark theme. Link sign. Kenny gets beheaded. 18K

UFO speeds across screen. 24.6K
UFO sends signal. 6.4K
Spinning UFO. 42.7K
Strange creature. 20.3K
Alien spins. 45K
Wierd green creature. 10K
Small alien pops up. 1.2K
Small Yoda. 5K
Spaceship chase. 22K
Darth Vader. 15K
Small R2D2. 9.5K
Alien in spinning ship. 2.5K
Alien with lots of eyes. 3K
Cute pink alien. 5K
Green lizard type alien. 9K
Starship Enterprise. 6K
World. 26K
Orbits. 70K
Comet. 23K
Space. 25K
Glittery stars. 11K
Flashing star. 3K
Flashing light. 19K
Flying saucer. 8K
Blue Orb. 3K
Colorful star. 7K
Earth enter sign. 99K
Space vortex. 33K
Brightly colored ball rolls cross screen. 18K

Happy NUDE Rear! 19.6K
Santa takes a leak. 36.1K
Santa has an accident. 48.4K
Tequilla shots. 26K
Old hippy. 5.7K
Traffic signal. 6.2K
TV set. 4.5K
Neon bomb. 7K
Kid picks nose. 17.7K
Cleopatra winks. 2.5K
Feet walk across screen. 9.6K
I Gotta Be Me. 9K
Sexy neon woman. 27K
Playboy Bunnys. 29K
Another Playboy Bunny. 2.3K
Hula dancers. 33.9K
Guitar. 5.2K
Goofy old man dances. 5K
Tango couple. 13.6K
3D neon smiley face. 20.7K
Simple face sticks out tongue. 3.8K
Kung-Fu Baby. 19.8K
Lady in earthquake. 59K
Headhunter. 15K
Bang head on computer. 7K
Man chasing woman. 29K
Bizarre computer face. 5.7K
Naked guy at computer. 34.2K
Goofy guy rolls eyes. 18K
Ugly lady in bathing suit. 37K
Crying baby head. 3K
Small Sailboat. 10K
Hippy. 2K
Night on the Farm. 10K
Large Mermaid. 9K
Man fishing and Mermaid. 15K
Flirty Girl. 12K
Granny with cane. 15K
Man driving sporty car. 36K
Large man dancing. 4K
Bad virus. Computer hacks itself. 19K
Girl blowing kisses. 16K
Laughing lips. 5.6K
Kissing Lips. 7K
Showgirl dancing. 9K
Tearful Eye. 3K
Button of island scene says PARTY. 9K
Open window with clouds floating. 33.8K
Animated text says I Love You. 5.5K
Computer in smoke. 23K
Man reading computer screen. 8K
Guy taking a leak. 15K
Santa pulling pants down. 5K
A goofy nose. 47K
Goofy Baby walks. 15K
Clown gives you big kiss. 30K
Woman in bathtub. 2K
Baby. 2K
Sunset. 17K
Lighthouses. BAR 2K
Lighthouse. 8K
Brightly colored lighthouse. 12K
Two people dancing. 4K
Dungeon door opening and closing. 9K
Flame. 21K
Flamewar. MAC vs. PC 9K
Boxcar going thru tunnel. 66K
Dancing red dot. 2K
Scene of a Lake. 60K
No one can hear you scream in Cyberspace.
Smiley holding sign & pointing. 1K
Smiley. 17K
Smiley. 2K
Smiley. 3K
Smiley. 3K
Cool Moon Smokes. 27K
Scene of Waterfall. 29K
Icon says AOL SUCKS. 3K
Beating heart. 4K
Golden Tribesman. 6K
Homer (from the Simpson's) 7K
Alladin's Lamp 3K
Animated bar of Island. 30K
Bill Gates. 10K
Occupied outhouse. 15K
Door. 63K
Egyption symbol. 16K
Bill Gates. 28K
Little devil on yellow background. 1.5K
Peace sign. 11K

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