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A selection of our favorite animated gifs we have collected over the years and are posted here for your enjoyment. Direct linking/hot linking is disabled. You must download the images to your own computer and then upload them to your own webhost.

Alligator animated scene. 79K
Angry. 34K
Head. 17K

Huggy Bear Certificate. 35K
Teddy Bear tumbles. 37K
Small bear with balloons. 4K
Cute bear cooking. 4K
Polar bear and penguin (Xmas)19K
Bear going thru trash. 12K
Polar Bears hugging. 27K

Beaver thumping tail. 8K

Ostrich walking. 14K
Barn Owl. 40K
Little bird says send mail. 6.2K
Adorable little chicks. 1.3K
Chick hatching. 7.5K
Goofy Chicken dancing. 10K
Eagle. 11K
Lovebird. 3K
Red sunset, bird flying. 25K
Parrot. 36K
Very small parrot. 2K
Large hummingbird. 11K
Hummingbird (right). 2K
Hummingbird (left). 2K
Hummingbird. 5K
Goofy yellow duck. 4.5K
Baby Duck dances. 1K
Ducks. Bar. 9K
Pelican bar. 37K
Dancing penguins. 21K
Tiny penguin. 2.5K
Penguins kissing. 98K

Cat in basket. 53K
Angel cat. 11.7K
Cat in overalls. 5.7K
Four pretty cats. 11.8K
Cat with birthday cake. 7K
Cat dancing. 3K
Cat watching aquarium fish. 26K
Cat jumping in out of drawers. 10K
Cat in a paperbag. 3K
Cat jumping out of bag. 11K
Cat waving letters. 4.5K
Black cat crosses screen. 13K
Two cats cuddling. 22K
Cat licking paw. 15K
Cat watches mouse. 9K
Cat sitting on fence. 11K
Small catface. 1K
Kitten. 9K
Kitten in basket. 3K
Kitten. 3K
Kitten. 7K
Cat and mouse. 19K
Cat in mailbox. 4K
Cat peeking through screen. 9K
Kitten. 2K
Tiny pink panther. 4.5K
Funny lion. 69K
Red lion. 8K
Cateye. 2K
Running Tiger. Great. 16K
Tiger waving goodbye. 12K
Cartoon tiger looking around corner. 9K
Tiger. 26K
Tiger walking toward you then jumping. 39K
Cheetah runs. 8K

Christmas Cow. 10K
Small brown cow. 3.6K
Bull. 3K
Cow dancing. UDDERLY ridiculous. 12.8K

Deer sitting in snow turns head. 17K
Antelope standing. 10K
Antelope rearing up. 8K

Snoopy on Xmas Doghouse. 14.4K
Pal dogs. 13.7K
Dog sprays flea. 32K
Dogs playing poker. 34.7K
Dashshund going down stairs. 9.2K
Dog with birthday cake. 8K
3D dog. 25.5K
Puppy in laundry. 5.3K
Dog tapping foot. 12.5K
Dog humping a ladies leg. 7.4K
Girl at piano with dog. 10K
Puppy sticking head out pocket. 7K
Dog stretching. 11K
Puppy and kitten running together. 20K
Very happy dog. 11K
Dog and Cat peek out of box. 9K
Nice doggy sitting. 10K
Dog running on gray background. 4K
Dog at fire hydrant says to sign Guestbook. 32K
Cute puppy with hummingbird on black background. 40K
Dog. 4K
Dogs sniffing. Funny. 19K
Dog reads newspaper. 15K
Dog. 60K
Dog running. 9K
Dog in space helmet. 2K

Dinosaur dance. 9K
Yellow dinosaur. 5K
Dragon bar. 4K
Fire breathing dragon. 13K
Two dragons and a computer. 48K
Flying dragons. 58K
Dinosaur. 10K
Brotosaurus. 10K

Blue and pink elephant waves. 7K
Little elephant. 7K
Elephant spells out Welcome. 65K
Big elephant. Cute. 71K

Ferret begs. 35K

Fish blows bubbles. 11.2K
Fish. 26K
Dolphin jumping through waves. 9K
Fish blowing bubbles spelling out Welcome. 27K
Big dolphin flipping. 21K
Dolphin icon says NEW. 9K
Dolphins. 17K
Dolphins. 47K
Dolphin jumping out of water and Sun. 25K
Goldfish. 44K
Small whale. 2K
Afishbowl. 14K
Aquarium. 141K
Whale. 10K
Crab holding up Mail sign. 2K
Seahorse. 29K

Dancing frog (black background). 16.4K
Small Frog at computer. 4.6K
Frog disco dancing. 36K
Frog jumps out of screen and makes faces. 40K
Frog sticks out tongue and spells Welcome. 10K

3 hamsters. 5.6K
Dancing hamster. 12.1K
Hamster with present. 5K
Hamsters. 2K

Pegasus flying. 23K
Small horse gallops across screen. 12K

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