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BannerzRus has been a labor of love for those of us involved in it since 2000. It was designed to help beginners get started building webpages and to be a resource for the more advanced users.

Since so many graphic sites have been forced to shut down or become fee based we have been receiving more attention by webmasters with sites that are of a commercial nature. By commercial nature we mean auction sites, tournament, profit based sites, product or service, etc.

Specifically any commercial/for profit website must submit a donation, no exceptions. This includes all auction sites.

Our site's Terms of Service (TOS) has prohibited graphic use by commercial sites in the past, however because so many commercial sites are looking at us now to provide services to them we have revised our Terms of Service (TOS) to allow commercial use and have set up a means by which our users can donate. Although we still offer many sections of "freeware", we also offer "donationware" and "custom graphic design".

We ask that sites that are profit based or high volume to donate. We think this is only fair as many sites and individuals are using our graphics on profit based sites. This is the most reasonable way to provide users an economical way to enhance their sites as well as a way for us to donate to our favorite charities. 100% of all proceeds are donated. Information can be found at this link about Donation Details. Any size donation is appreciated. If you donate and wish to have your site mentioned on our home page please provide your website url upon time of donation via email.


* It takes alot of hours and hard work to produce the web graphics on this site. If you want to use the linkware graphics on your personal home pages, using one of our logos (or text link) with a link back to www.bannerzrusgraphics.com is not only mandatory it is fair to the artist.

* Please do not chop up our images or take bits and pieces of an image to create new images. Altering them in any way constitutes disrespect to the artist and is also considered piracy. Please respect the art you use from this site.

* The selling of, or otherwise profiting directly from our graphics is strictly prohibited if used outside these terms.

* If you use an image from our site we ask that you provide a link back to our site. You can use the simple textual cut and paste code provided at the bottom of this page, or any link graphic.

* Any and all commercial users (profit oriented sites, auctions, etc.) agree to make some donation prior to using our graphics. Any size donation is appreciated in these difficult times.

* Our graphics are provided "as is". If personalization of a graphic or webset is desired we will gladly modify the image or add decorative text. Please contact us to provide you an appropriate estimate to provide this custom design service.

* Personal, non-commercial, non-profit webpages may use SOME of our graphics freely (although any small donation would be appreciated) but all other rules apply.

* Please download the images to your own server files. Direct linking (hot linking) is strictly prohibited. We are able to track direct linking from our stats.

* Web designers may use our graphics on the sites they design as part of their web design business, however this can only be done with prior written permission from BannerzRus and a small donation to our site. This applies to most of the graphics (but not all). Contact us for details before downloading our graphics.

* User may not redistribute these graphics unless they have received approval and written permission by BannerzRus Graphics, and then user may use these for the design of their client sites ONLY, but not for mass distribution or resale.

* Bannerzrusgraphics.com and M. Buck (owner of site) retains exclusive rights as the sole distributor of most of the graphic content of this site. You may not collect or distribute any graphics from this site to offer on any online collection/gallery, CD, forum, users group, etc. or sell any of these graphics.

* You are not to place any zip file link on any website for distribution. We are able to track direct linking from our stats.

* All built in links, copyright notice and/or artist credit must be left intact and displayed on the page the graphic is used on.

* If you are found to be abusing the terms we will take action accordingly.

* If you have any questions regarding use of our graphics or if you wish to purchase graphics don't hesitate to contact us.

* We do not allow our graphics to be used on pornographic or hate sites.

We here at Bannerz~R~Us would like to thank you for choosing our site. If you enjoyed your visit and found it useful, please take the time to tell others about us. If you have any questions about using our graphics or our terms don't hesitate to contact us HERE.

Thanks for supporting Bannerz~R~Us!

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