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All good things must come to an end.
Thank you for supporting our site for all these years. It's been a blast!

We will be closing down this site in November 2017 and just wanted to say thank you and goodbye for now. Our Bannerzrusgraphics.com domain will return again at some time in the future so hopefully we will hear from many of you again.

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Talk Around Town (Visitor Comments)

Congratulations!! I must say that you guys were before your time even back then as in all this time I still don't see the quality of artwork on websites that is equal to your talent. Really great job, I feel sort of like a proud Mama...LOL.

You did it again. Just what I was looking for.....

I have visited the site many, many times over the years and have used the websets, banners, etc. and have watched it grow to what it is now. You all do a brilliant job.....

I am sitting here smiling and grining from ear to ear. You just amaze me with your talent. I love it. I just love it. Two thumbs up, once again.....

I just want to tell you that I think your site is beautiful. I am very new to web design and I haven't got a clue where or how to start. I just want to let everyone know your work is wonderful.....

Everyone has been asking who has designed our website. You have done an awesome job! We appreciate you more than you would ever know.....

Your site is wonderful and the graphics are heaven sent to us newbees to web building. Thank you for your beautiful site and your support!.....

I am over the moon - thank you very, very much you've saved me hours of struggle, snapping at the family and generally acting in a disagreeable manner! I can't tell you how happy you have made me and how relieved I am to have you in my corner.....

The graphics on your site are beautiful. The artistic expression and imagery is delightful and quite moving. I felt like I was viewing pieces in an art gallery. I truly enjoyed my visit and placed a link on my site.....

You have awesome talent - your work just blows my hair back.....

I can't say enough how much I truly "LOVE" your work. You have taken on some strange projects for me. You're always there. I want you to know that. Here's a "Big/Huge Thank-you".....

I have loved this site since visiting back in 2003, and it gets more incredible all the time.....

Thank you for all the hard work all of you put into the beautiful and diverse designs you create, and for sharing them with the rest of us.....

I think your sets are fantastic. Keep up the good work. I know where to come and definitely where to send others. Thanks for sharing.....

I would just like to say that you all are doing such a wonderful job. You have so much to choose from and every graphic is done with such taste.....

YOU ROCK! .....